1. Sinhalese and Tamil New Year Traditions and Auspicious times - සිංහල අලුත් අවුරුදු සිරිත් හා නැකත් වේලාවන් 2021

    Sinhalese / Tamil New Year, generally known as Aluth Avurudda in sinhalease (Sinhala: අලුත් අවුරුද්ද) in Sri Lanka, is a Sri Lankan holiday that celebrates the traditional New Year of the Sinhalese and Tamil people in Sri Lanka. It is a major anniversary celebrated by not only the Sinhalese and Tamil  people but by most Sri Lankans. The timing of the  New Year coincides with the new year celebrations of many traditional calendars of South and Southeast Asia. The festival has close semblance to the Tamil New year and other South and Southeast Asian New Years. It is a public holiday in Sri Lanka. It is generally celebrated on 13 April or 14 April and traditionally begins at the sighting of the new moon.

    According to Sinhalese astrology, New Year begins when the sun moves from Meena Rashiya (the house of Pisces) to Mesha Rashiya (the house of Aries). It also marks the end of the harvest season and of spring.

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  2. Spruce up Your Living Room with AGRL Elegant Cushion Covers

    Be it your living room or your bedroom, cushions add a sophisticated touch to any room. But for this, they need the right Cushions

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  3. How Zebra Blinds Perfectly Matched Dual Needs of My Interiors

    Zebra blinds are a more contemporary and smart alternative to vertical blinds or roller blinds. Offering high levels of privacy and light control, along with trendy colourways and a slim-line silhouette, Zebra blinds are the perfect choice to keep the natural light.

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  4. How To Hang a Curtains Like a Professional

    Curtains can change the look and feel of any room, whether you opt for a neutral fabric or a pop of print or colour. Curtains add instant polish to space and can even help make a room feel taller — but it’s all about how you hang them. So, do you know how to hang a curtain? What about how to hang floor to ceiling curtains? Or how high to hang a curtain rod? How many panels do you need? What material should you use? Should you choose blackout curtains, unlined curtains, or lined ones? Are they “drapes” or “curtains”? Rest easy — we’ve got you covered with our fool-proof curtain-hanging tips and information.

    1. Hang them high

    Especially in rooms with low ceilings, be sure to hang your cu

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  5. 6 Different Curtain Styles for Your Home

    Chosen correctly, curtains can prove the crowning glory in a room’s interior decor scheme. But, conversely, the wrong colour, fabric, pattern, length or hanging style could also prove disastrous. Here we outline a brief guide to choosing fabrics, length and, essentially, curtain styles.

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  6. Blinds Guide: Everything about Roman Blinds

    When decorating your home, it’s likely you’ve stumbled across an Aladdin’s cave of options when it comes to blinds, curtains, and other window coverings. While traditional blinds and curtains remain the choice of an appropriate interior, Roman blinds are becoming more popular than ever.

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  7. Why You Should Go for Made to Measure curtains

    Made to Measure curtains are more expensive as they require expert craftsmanship, each curtain that we make are made with precision and care.

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  8. What Are Solar Shades?


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