Determine Mounting Technique

Inside Mount Curtains

While not as common, inside-mount curtains are another mounting option that will provide a specific look. Inside mount refers to a curtain rod that is secured inside the window frame, creating a more streamlined appearance. Inside-mount curtains don’t completely block out light, but they still provide privacy and offer a modern look.

Outside Mount Curtains

The outside mount is the most common mounting style for hanging curtains. When curtains are mounted outside, the rod is secured to the wall outside of the window frame. Outside-mount curtains can give the illusion of a larger window, provide full coverage to block out natural light, and create a more luxurious look.


Measuring the Width

Measure the curtain track or pole width, not the window width. It’s important that this is the measurement provided, as we’ll use your track or pole width to calculate the required fabric for your curtains. If fitting a new track or pole, this should extend 6” to 8” on either side of the window and at least 6” above.



Measuring for Poles

For a curtain pole simply measure the width of the pole between any finials or end caps, that is the width you should enter.


Measuring for Tracks

For a Standard curtain track simply measure the full width of the track, that is the width you should enter.


Measuring the Drop

Curtains can be hung either to the floor, to the sill, or to below the sill. We suggest that curtains finish either,

                A. 0.5 inches above the floor                   I                  B. 6-8 inches below the sill                      I                    C. 0.5 inches above the sill


Something needs to be considered when calculating the final size of per panel.

What will happen if the size is over the max limit?


Most of our designs are solid and cross-pattern fabric. The width of most fabric rolls is 104 inches.

We can make curtains without seams if your curtain length is below 104 inches. The fabric roll width is curtain length.

However, the vertical stripes/patterns will become horizontal stripes/patterns if the curtain length is over 104 inches.

The fabric roll width is curtain width(the width should be smaller than 104 inches).

If both the width and length are over 104 inches, curtains will come with seams to meet the size.

Panel Type

You may order your drapery as Single Panel or in a Pair(Split Panel).

Split Panel - 1 Left 1 Right:

Two equal panels (1 left, 1 right), the total width coverage you specify will be automatically divided in 2.

Single Left Panel:

One individual panel of fabric is open to the left. Made to cover an entire span or as a decorative stationary panel.

Single Right Panel:

One individual panel of fabric is open to the right. Made to cover an entire span or as a decorative stationary panel.


Bottom (Puddling) refers to an extra drapery length spilled or "puddled" onto the floor.

We only recommend puddling for decorative drapes. If your drapes are going to be opened and closed regularly puddling is not recommended as the bottom of the draperies will get dirty very quickly.

Reduce 1/2" : 1/2" above the floor, avoid drapes touching the floor. If you would like to have straight curtains,this is the best option.

No Puddle: Just slightly reach to the floor. It is hard to make right but it creates a custom-made classic and tailored look.

1" Puddle: Also called a break or "trouser" break. 1" puddling provides a clean look where the draperies just rest on the floor.

2"- 4" Puddle: The most popular puddle today. The drapes have adequate length to spill nicely onto the floor but still not a large puddle.

6"- 8" Puddle: A true puddle. There is enough extra length to fan the draperies out onto the floor.

Stack Back

Stack back is the space the curtains occupy when fully open.

For ONE PANEL: With a panel width of 1 Inches in Grommet or Rod Pocket style, the stack back is roughly 0.13 inches.

Please note that the calculation of the stack back width is only an estimate. Stack back can fluctuate depending on factors such as puddling, fabrics, lining options, curtain rods, brackets, and rings.

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