How to Measure for Curtains


Determine Mounting Technique

Inside Mount Curtains

While not as common, inside-mount curtains are another mounting option that will provide a specific look. Inside mount refers to a curtain rod that is secured inside the window frame, creating a more streamlined appearance. Inside-mount curtains don’t completely block out light, but they still provide privacy and offer a modern look.

Outside Mount Curtains

The outside mount is the most common mounting style for hanging curtains. When curtains are mounted outside, the rod is secured to the wall outside of the window frame. Outside-mount curtains can give the illusion of a larger window, provide full coverage to block out natural light, and create a more luxurious look.

Determine Rod Length

Inside Trim Mount

For streamlined, tailored window treatments, suspend curtains from within the window frame. Opt for curtain rods with protective end caps and expandable design for a snug fit. Window treatments for this modern style should only be about as wide as the interior of the window or slightly wider if you want a gathered look.

Below Trim Mount

If the top of your window frame has beautiful molding, consider mounting your curtain rod just below the trim. This is a great way to showcase the craftsmanship of your molding while adding privacy and style to your windows. Look for a rod that reaches at least 3 to 5 inches beyond the width of the window on either side for a full look.

Above Trim Mount

The ideal placement for a window rod is typically about 6-12 inches above your window frame. However, it really depends on the available space between the top of your window and the ceiling, and the overall aesthetic you’re going for. Curtains can be hung as high as 20 inches above the window frame to create an Elegant look. 


Above Sill

Curtains that hang above the sill typically sit 1 cm above the windowsill.

Below Sill

This requires curtains to end roughly 15 cm below the windowsill.

Floor Length

Floor-length depends on what style you prefer, but you usually want your curtains to end 1 cm above the floor.

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