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One of the biggest trends in window coverings right now that has created a buzz within the industry is the Zebra Blinds. So what is a Zebra Blind? You can think of them as a hybrid of a standard blind and roller shade. Also referred to as a Layered, Dual, or Banded Shade, this innovative window treatment offers the light control of a blind AND the soft beauty of a fabric roller shade.



Zebra shades are extremely versatile and can fit in any style home. They are considered “transitional” meaning they work with contemporary designs, as well as, traditional—and everywhere in between! Like a roller shade, they offer clean lines that fit perfectly with modern/contemporary settings but also can fit right into the traditional décor due to their soft sheer fabrics.

Zebra Shade Collage-2




Zebra shades feature a combination of sheer and solid fabrics in a single shade. Much like opening and closing the slats of a blind, Layered Shades control light by alternating the bands from open to close. Want more light? Leave the vanes open and light will stream in through the beautiful sheer fabric. You can also raise the shades completely into their cassette valance and have a full view to outside with no obstructions in the window. Desire some darkness and privacy?  Close the vanes completely. Room-darkening fabrics are also available, perfect for bedrooms and media rooms.

Zebra Shade Collage

                                                           Vanes open, vanes closed, shade up, or shade down-Light is completely customization with Zebra Shades.



Zebra Blinds have a wide variety of fabric, texture, and color options available. Go bold with bright colors, or keep it neutral! Choose light-filtering

or room-darkening fabrics to completely customize each room! There are even geometric designs available!

Zebra Shade Fabric Options

                                                           From neutral to bold, textured to geometric, Zebra Shades have a perfect option for you and your home.




Zebra Blinds are your friend when it comes to protecting your furniture and floors from the harsh sun. We sell flooring as well so we know first-hand how

damaging the sun can be on interior fixtures within the home. Layered shades, when closed,  block out 99% of UV rays!



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