How to measure for inside mounted blinds



Measure the width of the inside of the window frame in 3 places as shown in the image. (top, middle, and bottom).

Make all measurements nearest .1/8" inch (0.125") , rounding down the width.
Example: example, if the smallest measurement is 38 3/16", round down to 37.25"). 

Take the shortest of the 3 measurements. This will be the final width of your blinds.

Make sure your window has sufficient depth for the inside mount. 
Refer to the cassette dimensions shown at the bottom of this page.

A small section of the cassette can be exposed. 

You can choose the exterior mounting option if your window does not have the minimum required depth.

We will make the necessary deductions based on your measurements to ensure the blinds fit inside your window.

Be aware of any window hardware, such as opening mechanisms and latches that may hinder the smooth operation of your blinds. Please allow room for these window hardware.



Measure the height (drop/length) from the top inside edge down to the window sill in 3 places.

 Make all measurements to the nearest 1/8" (0.125), rounding UP for height if necessary.Example: If the largest measurement is 58 14/16", round up to 59").

Take the Longest height/drop of the 3 measurements of your window height. This will be the height that you will order on our website.


Cassette Dimensions

The height of the cassette is 3.15" 

The width (Depth) mounting location is 2" and from facia is 2 7/8" (refer to image below)

Casette dimensionsCasette dimensions
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