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Block-out Curtains

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Blackout Curtains

Sometimes, it's handy to keep sunlight away from our sofas and tables. Whether we're watching classic cinema, celebrating Christmas in private, or trying to sleep, blackout curtains can be elegant and practical. But which style, thickness or colour options should you choose for delivery? Let's find out more and help you search.

Uses of Blackout Curtains

For photographers, blackout curtains can exclude natural light when developing pictures. These light-filtering drapes also create a perfect environment to watch movies. Blackout fabric can help you get better rest if you work nightshifts. They help keep homes cool in summer and warmer in winter. All-in-all, this type of curtain or blind is indispensable at home and work.

Different Levels of Light Filteration

Not all blackout curtains create perfect darkness. Sheer curtains effectively just create shady conditions. Room darkening curtains block most sunlight and prevent screen glare. And full-on blackout curtains virtually block the sun entirely, turning day into night. So pick a level that suits your lifestyle and work environment.

Weights for Blackout Curtains

The heaviest blackout curtains appear very solid and have a major impact on room temperatures. These may be excessive for casual home use. Instead, many people prefer to strike a balance between thickness and brightness. This lets you achieve a suitable degree of light without compromising on style. Try white or lighter colour blackout curtains for a beautiful compromise.

Suitable Sizes for Blackout Curtains

As with all curtains, blackout curtains need to be the ideal size. In fact, size matters more because they need to fit window dimensions perfectly. So take careful measurements and match them with curtain drop (height) and width. This can be done using the online search filters on the product page. Allow 2-4 inches of fabric at either end to be sure.

Blackout Curtains and Headings

Blackout curtains come with eyelet, pencil pleat, tab and slot top headings. Each of these works quite differently. If you want fewer folds, eyelets are preferable and better for thicker curtains. A sheer or semi-blackout curtain is better suited for slot or pencil pleat headings.

Blackout Curtains and UV Protection

UV light can damage wooden furniture and pose a health risk. Fortunately, blackout curtains can help reduce the amount of UV light entering your home. Thick black, blue or grey curtains will filter more ultraviolet light. Some fabrics are also treated to boost their filtration abilities. Check our product specifications if UV protection is a priority.

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