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Sheer curtains have been around for decades and are still a popular type of curtain inside the home. They are often used in dining rooms, living rooms, and kitchens, as the curtain type allows for more privacy while still letting in some natural light. Still, despite their popularity, a lot of customers have questions when it comes to sheer curtains. If you would like some of these frequently asked questions answered, be sure to read through our overview below.


There are plenty of sheer curtains available these days; this includes a lovely range of sheer curtains available at AGRLK.COM. Our sheer curtains are made from the finest sheer fabric, guaranteeing you quality as well as affordability


A semi sheer curtain is a specific type of curtain that allows for the maximum amount of light to enter your home. While it does provide less privacy than regular sheer curtains, it does allow more natural light inside your home. Most semi sheer fabrics are made from a loose woven linen.


Whether you use curtain rods or tracks inside your home, most curtains will require two to three times the fabric to provide a proper drape and fullness. Therefore, taking the measurements for your sheer curtains in the right manner becomes even more important.

To measure the width for your sheer curtains, always measure the outer frame of your window and add at least 6 inches (fifteen centimetres) on either side; this means you will take the width of your window and add a total of 12 inches (thirty centimetres) to get the exact width for your curtains.

If you wish to know the length of your curtain, there are three different methods you can use. Firstly, you can measure from the top of the rod or track to just above the windowsill. You can also choose to let it hang just over the window sill, simply add  6 Inches (fifteen centimetres)  to the length between rod and windowsill. If you prefer to have your sheer curtains reaching to the floor, measure from the top of the rod to the floor and subtract 6 inches ( fifteen centimetres).


Some homeowners prefer layering windows when it comes to sheer curtains and drapes; this means they prefer a combination of sheer curtain and heavier drapes. Of course, there are many ways to hang sheer curtains with drapes.

Curtain Rods - One of the ways to hang curtains and drapes together is to use a curtain rod as well as a track. The track will be on the inside of your window and holds onto the sheer curtain. The rod on the other hand will hold onto your heavier drapes.

Curtain Types - When combining sheer curtains and drapes, be sure to consider the type of curtains you are trying to layer. For example, you may come across tab top curtains, top rod pockets, pleated, and other types of curtains to combine. In most cases, you will be looking for a combination of tab top and eyelet curtains.


Many people are concerned that people on the outside can see inside when it gets dark. The problem with semi sheer curtains is that they do provide less privacy than other sheer fabrics. That being said, they should provide sufficient privacy at night. However, if you are still concerned, there are some additional things to be done.

Blackout Curtains - If you are worried about having sheer curtains in a room where privacy is required, blackout curtains could be an option. Blackout curtains are made from fabric that do not only block out all light, but also a fabric that guarantees total privacy.

Living Room - You can hang sheer curtains in the living room, but you may need some drapes on top to guarantee more privacy.  It is a simple yet effective combination.

Dining Room - Dining room curtains are usually elegant. So, if you choose a combination of drapes and curtains, always make sure your drapes have an elegant pattern or design. When choosing a design or pattern, do not forget to incorporate the interior design of your dining room. While you could choose a different colour or pattern compared to the interior design of your dining room, drapes must always complement that design in some way.

Additional Window Treatments - There are a variety of window treatments that can guarantee better privacy. It is often a good idea to experiment with available options to get the one that works best. You could choose a combination of sheer curtains and drapes, but you could also choose heavy drapes and blinds for better light control. It all comes down to the designs you prefer.

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