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Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

A window blinds is nothing but "window covering" which help in keeps out the light and controls the room temperature by regulating the inflow of heat because they are insulating. Blinds are effective for window coverings and it is a replacement for curtains. 

A typical window blind is classified into Horizontal Blinds and Vertical Blinds. The other classification includes: roller blinds, pleated blinds and Roman blinds. 

Main purpose of using blinds in home

  • Control the light/heat entering the room

  • Give your home privacy

  • Protects against UV rays

  • Help lower your electricity bills

AGRL Vertical Blinds Styles, colors & patterns Creates clean, modern lines in any rooms

Add modern lines and gentle flow in your space by cladding your windows with these Vertical Blinds. These blinds are the best choice for windows and sliding doors because of their style and practicality.These are easy to control whenever you need a view from your window and an amount of natural light to cascade into your space. The same goes when you prefer full privacy and darker interiors.

AGRL's Vertical Blinds offer translucent and blockout options to match your style and needs. Go for translucent if you prefer the abundance of natural light and blockout to achieve a darker atmosphere and a little drama in your interior. Plus, our wide range of designer colours will seamlessly match your interior style.

Vertical Blinds1

What is Vertical Blind?

Vertical blind is a window cover made with vertical slats of stiff cloth or plastics materials which can be easily adjusted in order to change the amount of light that you want to allowed in. Vertical blinds are fully adjustable and suitable for both home and office areas. Each strips hangs vertically and the entire blind is operated by a chain or wand and a separate cord. It is particularly suitable for large windows and outdoors and it can be easily dusted or vacuumed. 

Whereas Vertical Blinds are also known as "Vertical Drapes". AGRL Home Decor delivers high quality window drapes in Sri Lanka. 

Why do people often go for vertical blinds? 

It is one of the best popular window treatments available in the market. When people usually think about blinds, horizontal pops in their mind because each of its slat/strip runs from left to tight rather than up and down. However, these vertical blinds are more attractive and popular on these days. The reasons are below: 

  • It is perfect for sliding doors.

  • Vertical blinds are ideal for large windows.

  • Available in a wide variety of materials, designs, colors, and patterns.

  • It is an obvious choice for residential homes, offices and living rooms.

  • Vertical blinds are high versatile and flexible in style.

  • You can easily get high-quality vertical blinds at reasonable price. Remember, the cost will vary according to the material.

  • It is suitable for the people with a budget that makes them to buy

Guidelines for choosing the vertical blinds for different areas: 

Vertical blinds which are made with rigid PVC fabrics are suitable for kitchen and dining areas which aids in easy cleaning.

Moisture-resistant styles are also available for wet rooms/bathrooms

You can go for flame retardant vertical blinds for kitchen areas.

Practical blackout fabrics for the bedroom.

For living rooms or home offices, use light reflective and glare reduction fabric blinds.

It is the best blinds for large, curved & square bay windows.

Vertical blinds are mostly available in longer lengths.

It operates better on both windows & doors.

It is easy to replace.

It blocks sunlight and provides UV protection.


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