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Roman Blinds

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Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds allow you to add volume and soft folds of exquisite fabric to your room. Choose a classic flat style for a look that’s clean and slim, or add graceful dimension with richly folded waterfalls. Choose from looped Roman, classic flat Roman, seamless Roman, pleated Roman, and balloon styles..

Roman Blinds combine the softness and sophistication of expensive draperies with the ease and functionality of a custom shade. Whether you choose a privacy or blackout liner, cordless or standard controls, classic or relaxed style, roman shades are sure to enhance the quality of any room setting.

   classic roman blinds in a modern setting           fabric shot of luxurious flowing textile

Roman Blinds Features

  • Variety of styles to appeal to any design preference from traditional to casual to modern to completely elegant

  • Wide selection of light-filtering to room darkening fabric choices, including soft silks, classic stripes, bold patterns, refined neutrals and stylish jacquard’s

  • Available in many style options, from tear drop shades, to cascading folds, to relaxed folds to tailored flat

  • When raised, Roman shades stack and convert to a decorative valance at the top of the window

  • The look of a costly custom shade at an affordable price

  • Provide privacy while allowing natural light into the room

  • Neutral fabric lining from the street side for a uniform appearance

  • Can be motorized


It Begins with the Cloth

Fine, woven cloths still form the basis of AGRL flagship window dressing. Cut to size at the behest of our customers, we offer the luxury of a fabric that drapes naturally around the frame or one which neatly caresses the inside of the window’s recess.

Linen weaves form the basis of our collection. Linen is renowned for its simplicity and classic style and, whether patterned or plain, remains a much beloved choice for window dressings across the land.

angled roomset of a floral roman blind        carefully curated fabric shot


Careful Curation

At the forefront of everything we do is design. A team of experienced in-house designers is charged with carefully curating fabrics from across the globe to form a unique and cohesive collection. Fashion comes and goes but, from classic to contemporary, every pattern we choose has one thing in common – genuine style.

The AGRL design team is also charged with creating exclusive prints to sit alongside its patterns, jacquards and textured weaves. Scouring all four corners of the globe, their keen eye takes in a range of eclectic influences to ensure each design represents contemporary soft furnishing.


An Eye for Detail

At AGRL, care and attention to detail doesn’t simply stop once we’ve selected the perfect fabric. Next, we turn our attention inwards to the finer details.

We understand the importance of finishing touches to the discerning customer. Thus, in order to preserve the traditions of the Roman blind, AGRL steadfastly refuses to bow to the modern penchant for adhesives. Instead, each and every join is stitched to provide a sense of individuality as well as an elegant finish.

back spine of a roman showing layers and pull string


Finished with a Flourish

 All of these detailed components come together to deliver a AGRL Roman blind that works to      perfection, looks beautiful and is finished with a flourish.

Two thousand years ago, all that stood between the dusty streets of Rome and the inside of people’s homes was a piece of fabric soaked in water. Today, the modern homeowner is in the privileged position of opting for something much more refined. The AGRL collection strives to position itself at the head of the queue when it comes to meeting those needs



The Supporting Cast

Roman blinds are renowned for the way the fabric folds elegantly upon every raise. At AGRL, strong support rods are sewn into place to give structure to the blind and provide a longevity that even the most modern of bonding agents cannot. This is the secret behind our perfect folds.

Next, in order to deliver the most fluid, even motion, AGRL uses a Perfect head rail mechanism, allowing the blind to be lifted and lowered with consummate ease, coming to rest with pinpoint accuracy. Finally, a strong and stylish chain and weights has become the AGRL trademark. It adds a sense of grace and sophistication, finishing the look in fitting fashion.