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Window Blinds

Blinds & Shades

There are literally hundreds of window shades and blinds on the market today. With so many products, brand names, and manufacturers it’s hard to weed through it all and find the right product for your home. Window treatments take a lot of abuse and undergo regular activity throughout the course of their lifetime. If you have pets and children, then your concerns are even greater. The average homeowner is not an expert on shades or blinds, and doesn’t prefer to geek out on such products, but, rather, just want a bottom line on what is best for them. So before you invest in window coverings that you may regret, consider the following guidelines below to help you on your way.

Go With Custom Built Products

No amount of store-bought window blinds on the market today can compare to the quality and precision that goes into custom built shades or blinds. Products in a department store are mass-produced and have a limited selection. They often have an institutional look and a generic color that is somehow intended to cater to a wide variety of tastes and styles. For a slightly higher investment you can get exactly what you were looking for in the first place.

Function and Features

Other than style and design, what truly distinguishes quality window blinds and shades from low-quality is the sturdiness of all moving parts. If you’re purchasing standard window blinds then it’s important to have a general understanding of how each works and what the most crucial components are. For instance, how is it opened? Is there a slide or a tug chords on the side? Are you getting motorized window coverings? How are the items mounted and what is the amount of weight they can withstand? What type of warranty comes with your product and how long are they supposed to last? Investing in high quality products will save you a lot of headache down the road.

We have options that are designed to work with just about any type of window you can imagine. Our team will work with you to compare the merits of different types of window blinds in Toronto and ensure that you are happy with the end result. You can trust that whatever type of blind works for your window - we use only the highest quality materials.

Marrying blinds and shades also work, and we can help should you choose to go for both options.The right shades for windows provide the opportunity to add more colour, style, and texture to a room. You’ll also find them just as easy to operate as any set of modern window blinds. Choosing to go with shades also helps to give your decor a more distinctive appearance. That’s because many homeowners overlook the potential that blinds have to make a significant visual impact in each room.

Contact us today and let’s talk about what you have in mind for your home. Bring along any questions you may have and any specifications needed to ensure the blind and shades are a perfect fit for each window. Along with function, our team will help you come up with ideas that work well with the decor and provide the quality you want.

Before you get too deeply into the task of deciding what kinds of custom blinds or shades are right for your home, take a moment and think about why you want to make the changes in the first place. Keep in mind any reason that’s good for you is certainly good enough for the shade and window blinds provider of your choice. Being able to share that reason will allow the provider to make suggestions that could help you come up with the perfect choices. Some of the more common reasons for selecting made to measure blinds or shades include:

  • Renovating the Home: It’s not just the older window shades and blinds that are going out the door. You are basically changing quite a few aspects of the rooms proper along with getting new furnishings. The fact is that your old interior blinds and shades don’t fit in with the updated look. Ready-made blinds that are in line with that new direction will be essential.

  • Changing the Color Scheme: You aren’t planning any structural changes and the larger pieces of furniture will remain the same. What you would like to do is change the color scheme a bit with new wall color and something different for the window treatments. That includes going with new custom-made window blinds or shades. The color selection for those new window blinds in Toronto will allow you to draw out one of the secondary colors found in the furniture upholstery and make it a more prominent feature of the room. You’ll find that the best window blinds in Toronto for this task will be made to order blinds sporting a custom color.

  • More Personalized and Less Institutional: As noted earlier, mass-produced blinds and shades for windows are intentionally made to supposedly appeal to a wider range of consumers. That may be fine in some cases, but it also means your windows tend to look just like the ones found in any number of other settings. When you choose to go with custom window shadings or blinds, you add a personalized touch that conveys more about your taste. That makes your window shadings more than practical elements; they also become decorative ones.

  • Shades and Blinds for Windows That Last: How many times have you had to purchase the same old replacement blinds or shades for windows from a local store? They are not made to last. Since you are tired of spending money on replacements, it makes sense to go with custom blinds and window shades in Toronto that are constructed to provide decades of service. That’s what you will get if you work with a custom windows shading provider. One meeting with a pro will be all it takes to see why the decision to order customer window blinds and shades will save money in the long run.

Wooden Blinds & Shades

If new blinds are what suits your tastes, consider going with wood. Wood blinds in Toronto add a traditional touch that you can customize with ease. The slats for your new wooden blinds can be thin or wide, varnished or painted. Compare different options for those custom wood blinds and consider how each approach would work with your decorating scheme. You may find that getting away from the mini-blind look altogether and opting for wooden window blinds that look as if they were created for an early 20th century home will be a perfect way to carry your theme for the decor all the way to the window treatment rather than having blinds that look like an afterthought.

Vinyl Blinds & Shades

You can also enjoy the benefits of custom vinyl blinds. You already know that vinyl is durable and easy to keep clean. The right style for those new vinyl window blinds allows you to create the look you want and know that the blinds will last for a long time. As with their wooden counterparts, you can include slats in different widths. In terms of color, it’s possible to order custom vinyl window blinds in Toronto that come with a wood grain pattern or sport a color that will not fade. A little dusting and occasionally wiping the slats with a damp cloth will be all it takes to keep them looking new.

Aluminum Blinds

Wood and vinyl are not your only choices. Have you considered the idea of aluminum blinds? Aluminum holds up well and is also easy to keep clean. The slates can be coated and sealed using any color you choose. Best of all, those aluminum window blinds in Toronto will not warp or begin to sag as the years pass. Enjoy the best of both worlds by going with aluminum window blinds that have a wood grain stamp for texture and a color to add more visual interest. That design will be a wonderful way to pull together the room by unifying some of the different textures already found in the space.

Vertical or Horizontal Blinds

Have you given thought to what direction you want the blinds to open and close? Depending on the type windows in your home, vertical window blinds may work best. You can still open the vertical slats to allow in as much light as you like. Vertical blinds can also be retracted to let in a maximum amount of light, with the slats moved to one side of the window. Horizontal window blinds do provide a more traditional look and can also be adjusted to let in as much or as little light as you like. Custom horizontal blinds, like their vertical counterparts, can be created using different materials and come with colors of your choice.

Roller Blinds

Don’t overlook the possibility of using roller window blinds in a few or all areas of the home. A professional can show you different designs that other clients have selected and provide you with plenty of ideas. From designs that filter the light gently to blinds that allow you to efficiently block the view from outside, it will be easy to achieve the effect you desire. Since roller blinds are one way to add a little something extra that most people don’t think of, you can rest assured that the combination of the style and your vision for the fabric and pattern will make those roller blinds in Toronto one of the more interesting focal points in the space.


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